VEXT™ Privacy Policy

Last updated: July 27, 2015

What Information does Vext™ track?

Vext™ does not view any of our users private text messages, keystrokes, emails, photo albums,

credit card info etc. All users should have the confidence and security knowing that their

information is safe while using Vext™ Keyboard.

Voluntarily, users can email Vext™ to request new personalities and overall feedback of the

keyboard. No emails will ever be shared with any 3rd party companies.

Use of Our Users Information

Vext™ may use our users information in the following ways:

1. Respond to our users questions and concerns.

2. Send Push Notifications updating our users of new features and added personalities.

3. You may opt out permanently from notifications at anytime.


Please email us at with any questions/concerns or mailto;

Shot App, LLC

353 Lexington Ave, Suite 600

New York, NY 10016